5 Ways For Teens To Stay Drug Free

You can enjoy being a teen without the use of drugs, but it takes dedication and knowledge for most teens. For example, the 12 Step Program is a great for teens who do and don’t use drugs. What is the 12 step program? The 12-step program is used by most recovery clinics as a way to refrain, recover, and abstain from drug use. Teens utilize recovery steps, often times with a sponsor. A sponsor can help a teen stay on track with 24 hour availability and they’ll walk with you through the recovery steps.

Thus, a sponsor is another way for a teen to remain drug free because they’ve been on recovery for a long time. They should tailor your recovery around your needs and never have all the answers, but are there to support you. The basis of all AA is dependent on the 12 step program and you have to be willing to go through each step for a successful recovery or to remain abstinent from drugs as a teen in 2018. Your sponsor will give you a way to contact them whenever you need them. They have been through the steps of recovery and will be able to guide you through the steps of the recovery basics.

You should also be willing to dedicate your time and attention to recovery. Be patient with yourself, and understand recovery or abstinence is a series of steps that focus on day-to-day recovery. Each day represents another day of sobriety under the direction of the 12 step program.

Finally, a drug free 2018 is dependent on the people you’re socializing with because a friend or family member using drugs presents a vulnerability for you trying to stay sober or drug-free. Furthermore, if you’re serious about the q2 step program, it will caution you against temptation.

Staying drug-free as a teen isn’t easy and you shouldn’t expect overnight results. If you’ve never used drugs and want to remain abstinent the 12 step program can help you maintain your sobriety. Don’t be ashamed of using the recovery program to maintain your sobriety. You’re invited to reach out to your local recovery counselor for mote details on how to stay sober as a teen in 2018. Good luck on your goals for sobriety in 2018.

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How To Talk To Your Teen About Drugs

Talking about drugs can be difficult. It’s an important conversation for parents to have with teens, but many don’t know where to start. If you are concerned, it’s a good idea to keep the following tips in mind.

Be Factual

Teenagers are far more informed than you might think. When you talk about drugs, stay away from the scare tactics. Instead, be real. Tell them what can really happen if they used drugs, both from a health standpoint and a legal standpoint. Let them know about the real consequences. There are enough problems with drugs that you should not have to make things up. Remember, a teenager will immediately remember your lies and consider everything else you have told them to be tainted. Don’t make that mistake when talking to your teens.

Don’t Judge

It’s also important that you remember that your teenager is only going to talk to you if he or she feels safe. That means the moment you start to judge, he or she will shut down. While you absolutely need to know if your teen is using drugs, it’s vitally important that he or she is receptive to the information he or she gives you. Put aside your worries for a moment so that you can find out what you need to know. There’s plenty of time to take action once you are aware of what is going on.

Be Supportive

Finally, make sure you are supportive when your teen comes to you with questions. Your teen might share things with you that don’t exactly make you happy, but the fact that he or she is sharing is a big deal. Be supportive of his or her struggles. You don’t have to be overly permissive, but deal with your teen like he or her is a real person. You’ll be amazed by how receptive to your advice a teen can be when he or she feels validated and respected.

Don’t be afraid to talk about drugs with your teen. If you are honest, straightforward, and supportive, you can have a productive conversation with him or her. While you might not always agree about everything, it’s important that you share what you believe with your teenager. What you tell him or her will help to inform his or her own beliefs, so make sure you go about this conversation in the right way.

6 Reasons Teens Try Drugs and/or Alcohol

There is no one reason why teenagers may use alcohol or drugs. But here are several of the main issues and reasons for the behavior of teenage alcohol and drug use.

1. Teens see others doing it.

Teens will see a lot of people consuming substances. They will see their parents ass well as other adults smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and trying other substances. Additionally, a teen’s social scene will often revolve around smoking pot or drinking. If teens don’t openly encourage each other to try drinking or smoking pot, they may want to try it because they see their friends enjoying it.

2. They are bored.

Teens who cannot stand being alone or have difficulty keeping themselves busy are likely to use substances. Not only will these substances give them something to do, but they will help them to feel less empty and to be able to talk to other teens who use drugs.

3. They watch movies/listen to music/watch TV shows that advocate substance use.

According to a recent study, 45 % of teens agree with the statement “Movies and TV shows make drugs seem like an ok thing to do.”45% of teens also agree with the statement: “The music that teens listen to makes marijuana seem cool.” Some TV shows even glorify alcohol abuse and rehabilitation. (Though in truth, rehabilitation is no laughing matter. If you know a teen who struggles with severe alcohol abuse, you may encourage them to seriously consider treatment for alcohol abuse.)

4. They want to rebel.

For the rebellious teenager, the substances he or she uses depend on his or her personality. Those who smoke cigarettes may want to flaunt their independence or make their parents angry. Those who drink may want to be able to behave more aggressively or have social anxiety they want to overcome. Those who smoke pot or use hallucinogens often want to escape. The reasons a teen may use a substance are varied.

5. They want instant gratification.

Alcohol or drugs work very quickly, and the effects initially feel good. They may turn to various substances because they think it is a short cut to happiness.

6. They want to feel more confident. 

Many teens who are shy or who experience social anxiety report feeling more confident on drugs or alcohol. This is primarily because drugs and alcohol distort reality and lower inhibitions. So teens are able to feel things that aren’t really there. Most teens have trouble with self-confidence so it’s easy to see why substances may be appealing.

Cool Things for Teens to Do that Don’t Involve Drugs or Alcohol

One concern that seems to be popular among teens about being drug free is the concern that without drugs and/or alcohol there won’t be anything fun to do. That is just not true. There are a ton of things that you can do to have fun without using drugs or alcohol. Have a look at this list for a few ideas:

Listen to your favorite music. Listening to music is a great way to have fun. Get together with a group of friends, make a playlist, and listen to the whole thing. Take turns showing each other your favorite songs and talk about the things that you like about each song.

Get involved with sports. Playing a team sport like football, soccer, baseball, or hockey is a great way to spend your time. Not only will you stay in shape and in great health, you will make a lot of friends.

Go see a concert, play, or sporting event. Going to an event can be a lot of fun, especially if you go with your friends.

Hang out at the coffee shop with your friends. Go to your favorite coffee shop and grab a latte with your pals. You can all sit around and talk to each other.

Go shopping at the mall. Grab some of your friends, head to the mall, and go shopping for a great new outfit or pair of shoes.

Learn something new. Learn how to play guitar, learn how to paint, learn how to crochet, or learn how to cook a great new meal.

Read a book. Go to the library or the bookstore and get lost in a great novel.

Do something creative. Write a story, write a song, sing karaoke, draw something, color in a coloring book. Just be creative!

Play a game with your friends. Play a game of Monopoly or Apples to Apples with your friends. It can be a lot of fun.

Go to the movies. Don’t forget the candy and the popcorn!

Watch Netflix. It’s perfectly okay to relax on the couch and watch old episodes of Friends with your friends!

Go to church. There are a lot of great things about getting involved in a spiritual community. It’s so much more fulfilling than any other community, and you develop relationships that are sincere and genuine.

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Recovery for Teens: It’s Okay to Ask for Help

We are a group of drug and alcohol free teens, but not all of us have always been that way. Our friend, Thomas, used to have a drinking problem. Ever since he started drinking his father’s whiskey in secret when he was 14, he developed an alcohol habit. Luckily, last year he was able to go to rehab and seek treatment. After going through the program, he was able to find something new to live for, a new hope.

There is a misconception that teens can’t have drinking problems. Afterall, they aren’t even old enough to drink legally. However, this is not the case. Thomas is the perfect example. There are many teens who not only have drinking problems but are in need of rehabilitation and recovery programs.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help if you feel you have a drinking problem. In fact, it’s much better than you seek treatment now than it would be for you to have years of drinking before you admitted that you needed help. Attending a rehabilitation program may be the step that you need to take so that you can become a vibrant drug and alcohol-free teen.

Most teens who drink will not be willing to admit they have a drinking problem, but the truth is, any teen who drinks has a problem. Teens should not be drinking at all. Alcohol can greatly impair your judgment and cause you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t do. Alcohol can be horrible for your health as well. There are a ton of negative effects that alcohol has on your body, your life, and your overall sense of wellbeing.

Ever since Thomas gave up drinking, he has been much happier. Now, he goes to church, he plays saxophone, and he has a lot of friends. He is doing a lot better. When you make the choice to stop drinking, you are able to give your life so much more meaning.

God has only given us one life, one body. It’s our job to take care of that body. Drinking alcohol is like drinking poison. It’s treating our bodies carelessly. If you are a teenager who drinks alcohol, I would strongly encourage you to stop. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and treatment. There are plenty of programs designed specifically to help teens.